This 6 week course examines how your mind controls what you eat and what you eat may control your mind. It will teach you how to tune in to your body and in turn retrain your appetite. It will also provide ideas to change your environment to help you succeed.

It is ideal if you have been struggling with your weight and would like to try a new approach. Or if you have tried dieting and nothing seems to work. It will give you tools to stay motivated and the knowledge to help you make healthier food and lifestyle choices. The course is designed to help you identify your goals and put you on the path to achieving them. You will be fully supported by a registered nutritionist throughout.

The course incudes:

A one-to-one 30-minute appointment at the start of the course. This can be by phone or in person.

Weekly personal coaching in a group setting as well as in a closed social media group.

Contact by email if required throughout the course.

Group members will be coached to set agreed personal goals and asked to commit to these goals.

You will be actively encouraged to complete all tasks and activities on the course.

A proportion of the weekly sessions will be dedicated to the psychology of behaviour change and will include exercises to help you do this.

You will be asked to take part in weekly activities both at home and in a supportive group setting which will help you to reach your goals more effectively. You will receive one-to-one feedback on these activities.

Cost £279 individual; £85 pp for groups of 3 or more.

In the sessions we will explore:

  • Identifying emotions that may be affecting eating behaviours.
  • Discover how you can you tap into the different body senses to help you to control your eating behaviours?
  • How our behaviour may be affected by what we eat?
  • Learn how to tune into your body in order to retrain your appetite.
  • Eat to control your energy throughout the day and not feel tired.
  • Learn how to make your new healthy habits routine.
  • Learn why dieting causes weight gain.
  • How to get the correct type and amount of nutrients in your diet without gaining weight.
  • Identify the right proteins, fats and healthy low carbohydrate foods to achieve sustained weight loss.
  • Learn why a healthy gut microbiome is vital for our physical and mental health.

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