Corporate Nutrition and Wellbeing Course

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Increased productivity; healthy and motivated employees; better communication are all areas that can be address by this Corporate Nutrition and Lifestyle course.

Benefits to your business

Investing in the health and welfare of your staff could help to improve your company performance. With increasing pressure on businesses it is important, now more than ever, to make sure that you look after the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff. This 4 week nutrition and lifestyle course aims to help you do that .

Benefits to your staff

The majority of employees are now being asked to work from home and may have to share their working environment with other family members. Their work load may have increased but they no longer have the immediate support of colleagues. This can lead to overwhelm and reduced productivity. Employees who work from home are also reporting loneliness and isolation.

Key aspects of the course

This is an online, interactive course run in an informal, relaxed manner. Participants are encouraged to actively participate by undertaking tasks during the week which are discussed in the following session. This enables the group to share their successes as well as gain further insight into aspects of their health.

It also gives participants the tools they need to make positive health and lifestyle changes for themselves after the course. Breakout rooms of smaller groups are used within the sessions to allow everyone to participate. This is a good way for colleagues to get together and can also connect people who would not normally be in contact at work.

Course content

7 Key areas:

1. What to eat and why.

2. Strategies to reduce stress.

3. The new “working norm”- optimising the home/ work environment.

4. Energy balance.

5. Why we need to exercise.

6. Digestive health to maintain immune function and reduce inflammation.

7. How to get a great night’s sleep.

A work booklet containing key aspects of the course will be provided.


 £695 up to 12 people

£895 up to 24 people (in 2 groups)

The courses can be altered to suit different business requirements. Tailor made programmes including aspects of health such as mid-life health, menopause and mental health can also be produced. Please contact me to discuss.

Here is what a recent client had to say:

“I thought it was really comprehensive. It was also very useful and well attended which is a testament to how relevant, informing and concise the sessions were. People were looking forward to learning more in the next session each time.”


MSV Housing, Trafford

To discuss a package to suit your business Contact me.