There is a lot of information out there but being able to know what is useful and relevant to you is the tricky part. As a nutritional therapist, I can help you do that. If you don’t know where to start, I will be able to help you to identify the key health symptoms that you need to prioritise. This will enable you take control of your health and feel better.

You may have had these symptoms for a while and so it makes sense that a nutritional therapy programme of at least three months will be required to help you to get back on track.

A nutritional therapy approach may be beneficial if you have:

  • Difficulty maintaining your energy levels throughout the day.
  • Sugar or other food cravings.
  • Problems maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Regularly feel stressed or anxious.
  • Poor sleep patterns.
  • Skin problems.
  • Frequent colds or illnesses.
  • Hormone imbalances.
  • Signs of inflammation.
  • Digestive problems such as bloating, reflux and constipation.

A nutritional therapy package will be designed to fit around your specific needs. It will encourage you to develop a healthy diet and lifestyle that you will enjoy and reap the positive health benefits from.

Emphasis will be placed on promoting a healthy, balanced diet using nutrient dense whole foods and tasty, easy to prepare recipes can be provided to give you inspiration.

The nutritional therapy programmes will provide you with one-to-one support and encouragement over four, six or twelve months depending on your needs.

You will have access to functional testing which is particularly useful to monitor your progress and can provide insight into:

  • Your immune health.
  • Digestive complaints eg. constipation and bloating.
  • Your level of disease protection.
  • Ability to synthesise vitamins.
  • Inflammatory symptoms in the body.

Packages start from £495 for 390 minutes of one-to-one support over 4 months.

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