What my clients say

Nutrition Therapy

I would recommend South Manchester Nutrition for anyone who wants individualised support to help them regain/support their health and well-being. It is such a comprehensive approach; integrating all aspects of your life, to improve the chance of any changes becoming permanent. “You are what you eat” truly starts to make sense on this course! I attended this course to help with pain control and well-being and have really been enlightened to the wider benefits of good nutrition. Thank you to Val for all your patience, support and brilliant advice!

Amanda, Sale.

Corporate Nutrition and Lifestyle Course

“The design of the Corporate Online Nutrition and Lifestyle course over 4 weeks was ideal to be able to implement positive changes in nutrition and lifestyle and witness the impact they had. This was very motivating and enabled changes to be embedded over the course of the sessions, rather than a one-off workshop which can be quickly forgotten.

Our group enjoyed that the course covered a range of areas including sleep and stress – they saw the importance of the interconnectedness of these aspects on wellbeing.

You created a comfortable space for delegates to share their experiences and ask questions. Breakout rooms were a useful for engagement too.

I thought it was really comprehensive. It was also very useful and well attended which is a testament to how relevant, informing and concise the sessions were. People were looking forward to learning more in the next session each time.”


MSV Housing, Trafford

Nutrition and Lifestyle Course

The Nutrition and Lifestyle course contains a wide range of information which is well presented, helpful and educational. Val is friendly and knowledgeable and puts everyone at their ease. I enjoyed the course and found it really interesting.

Julie, Sale.

I wanted to know how to improve my understanding of how food is absorbed into your body and the section regarding “How to add foods to your diet” was my favourite. I would recommend the course as it is a good way to start your discovery and prompt you to learn more about changes needed to your nutrition and lifestyle.”

Kay, Sale.

Thanks for all the great advice Val. I am finding it much easier to put together a healthy diet as I was finding so much conflicting information on different websites. My cholesterol levels are much better and my energy levels have improved.

Anne, Ramsbottom.

“I enjoyed the Nutrition and Lifestyle course throughout, especially getting feedback from the homework and hearing how everyone else managed or felt about their diet. The course is friendly and informative enabling oneself to look deeper into their diet. It is good to know that there is an opportunity for one-to-one nutritional therapy.

Maria, Manchester.

“I attended the Nutrition and Lifestyle course because I wanted to get away from weight loss and slimming groups and I was interested in a healthier lifestyle. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and informative with great ideas and strategies.”

Gretta, Chorlton.

“I was fed up with slimming clubs, counting points and sins and wanted to learn more about the food we eat and how it affects our body. I enjoyed learning about good foods for gut health and found this really interesting and informative.”

Sheila, Sale.