Your Nutritional Therapy Programme

I will work together with you to identify your health issues and the root cause of your symptoms. We will track key symptoms over the course of your programme to monitor your progress. We can work out your main health aims and how I will help you to achieve your optimum health outcomes.

Your nutritional therapy programme will aim to improve the function of your digestive system to help optimise the absorption of nutrients and eliminate toxins. It can also help to improve your gut microbiome which may reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Strategies will be developed which acknowledge any genetic influences that you may be predisposed to.

You will be required to fill in a nutritional health questionnaire which will provide me with your symptoms and any medications or supplements you are already taking. I will ask you any relevant questions relating to this as we progress through your programme. You will need to complete a three day food diary to give me an idea of your diet before you attend your first appointment. A further seven day food and mood diary will be required to be completed during the programme. I will use this to provide you with further nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Throughout the programme, we will agree on dietary and lifestyle changes that you can make at a pace to suit you. All I ask is that you commit to making your agreed changes or let me know when you need help so that we can get the results that you deserve.

The programme includes time away from the consultations for me to look into your health history and research evidence based approaches to present to you when we next meet up. I will provide relevant hand outs or emails and recipes as we go along. You can also email me with queries once a week if you need to. (2018)

The above diagram is on overview of how the different areas of the body need to work together to ensure it is working at it’s best. Here, the immune system, digestive tract, cardiovascular system, hormones and structural integrity all need to work together in harmony for you to feel happy and healthy.

Lifestyle factors such as poor sleep, lack of exercise, environmental toxins and micro-organisms may trigger and sustain symptoms in key areas.  Your nutritional therapy programme will address  any of these issues along with stress and emotional factors. A timeline from your birth to where you are now is built up over the course of your sessions to identify possible triggers which may be linked to the onset of your symptoms.

The consultation process can also identify possible imbalances in hormones and neurotransmitters which may be contributing to your health problems.

Body processes from the functioning of the body’s cells which produce the energy you need up to the structural support provided by your musculoskeletal system are all addressed in a comprehensive approach to addressing your health issues.

What you eat influences how your body’s systems function. Key nutrition strategies will address your gut microbiome; nutrient deficiencies in your diet; help you with portion control; take account of any food sensitivities and ensure you eat healthy macro nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats in the correct proportions.

If there are any health concerns that need to be addressed by other health professionals, you will be advised to contact them. The longer programmes allow time for gut microbiome testing which can be conducted several times to monitor your progress. Hormone testing is also available if you wish. Analysis and reporting of the test results are included in the extended programmes. Prices vary according to the testing required.